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We bring your business to the cutting edge of cloud technology. At LevelUP Solutions, we empower companies of all sizes to unlock the true potential of the cloud.

Our focus is on delivering real-world results: increased business value, a more capable workforce, and tangible benefits for your organization.

We take a collaborative approach. Our team will work closely with you to understand your cloud environment, both current and future needs. We'll then craft a customized migration plan that seamlessly moves your workloads to the perfect cloud platform.

Whether you need a guiding hand or a fully managed solution, we'll steer you in the right direction. We simplify the process and ensure you're ready to leverage the power of cloud services to optimize your business.

  • Lower your computing costs: Shift your computing costs from a Capex to an Opex model LevelUP Cloud computing is competative on pricing whislt maintaining stability, compatability and service uptime.
  • LevelUP Data Centers: LevelUP Solutions select the best modern Australian Datacenters throughout geographical locations through Australia, this has the benefit of your data staying within Australia also!
  • Australian Owned: LevelUP Solutions is owned and operated by Australian's for Australians, we own the contractual responsibility end to end, and provide full professional Service Level Agreements.
  • No Hidden costs: No supprise, a fixed monthly fee to ensure your budgeting is on track.


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Compute Cloud Types

Private Cloud

LevelUP Cloud is a comprehensive and complete cloud compute package hosted within our datacenters securely located in Brisbane and Sydney.

Public Cloud

LevelUP Managed Public Cloud services are designed to bring you the advanced capabilities of public cloud infrastructure along with the guidance of our experienced team.

Hyrbid Cloud

Seamlessly integrate and manage a combination of public cloud along with LevelUP Private Cloud to provide greater flexibility, efficiency and value for your IT operations.



In Australia there are some regulated industries which have a requirement to follow restrictions on where data can reside (Data Sovereignty), this means not having certain workloads in the public cloud. Not to mention, many Australian business prefer to know their data is stored within Australia by a local company, rather than in an unknown location, with no one to contact when needed.

How do we keep your data within Australia?

LevelUP Cloud Services are only available within Australia, by Australians for Australians. We utilize datacenters in all major locations throughout Australia, we will even keep your data as close as possible to your business.

What about Data Integrity?

While the public cloud providers will guarantee data accessibility, they do not guarantee data integrity. LevelUP Cloud services also perform routine backups of our customers data. This is encrypted and stored and transported on a seperate network disconnected from the public internet, keeping your data secure and safe.

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