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Managed Services

Managed services allow businesses to outsource their IT needs to a team of professionals for a fixed monthly fee.


From Private to Public and anything in between, shift your compute loads to the cloud.

Cyber Security

Protect your business from evolving cyber threats with our industry-leading security solutions.


Protect your business data with our comprehensive backup solutions.


Ensure clear and worry free voice and video services with LevelUP.


Connect your business securely and quickly with LevelUP Solutions Data Services.


Why Choose LevelUP?

LevelUP Solutions empowers small and medium businesses (SMBs) to leverage the latest technologies and achieve their goals. We simplify complex IT systems by integrating them seamlessly, so you can focus on what matters most - running your business.

  • Simplifying the Complex: Our expert team seamlessly integrates your existing systems, creating a unified and efficient platform.
  • Strategic Guidance: We provide IT consultancy to identify your needs and develop a roadmap for success.
  • Streamlined Implementation: We ensure a smooth rollout of new technologies, minimizing disruption to your daily operations.
  • Boosting Efficiency: We develop custom automation tools to streamline workflows and free up your time.

With LevelUP as your partner, you can raise the bar for your business potential through the use of technology.

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Behind The Story Of LevelUP Solutions

Idea & Begginings

LevelUP Solutions was founded by two IT professionals who identified limitations in the traditional Managed IT Service Model for smaller businesses. This sparked their vision to create a more comprehensive and empowering IT solution.

Design & Development

LevelUP Solutions' founders, with their extensive knowledge in enterprise, programming, cloud, and carrier networking, designed a private cloud service specifically for small businesses and entities. This means you get the same level of sophistication and security used by large corporations, delivered in a way that's affordable and manageable for your growing business.


Building upon their innovative private cloud service, LevelUP Solutions launched a comprehensive suite of IT solutions for businesses. This includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cloud Backups, Data Storage, and Voice & Data Services. By offering these integrated services, LevelUP empowers businesses with a one-stop shop for their IT needs, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.