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Need a private dedicated cloud service?

Discover the power of LevelUP Cloud Computing Platform

LevelUP Solutions Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service, LevelUP Cloud, is an ideal choice for small to medium businesses seeking a secure, reliable, cost-effective, Australian alternative cloud compute platform.

Focusing on Performance, security, reliability with resilience and coupled with a completative pricing structure, LevelUP Solutions has the tools to help you succeed without the headache and worry of a public cloud infrastructure.

Why Choose LevelUP Private Cloud?

  • Easy to Manage Cloud Spend: Having a simplified billing model based on 3 key variables; Processors (CPU), RAM and Storage. It makes it easier to understand billing and manage your costs.
  • Performance and Speed: LevelUP Cloud being based in Australia provides exceptional speed and performance to end users. Unlike other cloud providers we prioritise performance by avoiding over-subscription of resources. This ensures that your applications and services run smooth and efficiently, deliverying a much better overall experience.
  • Robust Security and Compliance: You information privacy and security is our top priority. We subject our platform to third-party penetration tests to ensure it's resilience against potential threats. We also offer backups that are stored offsite and in a secure location, providing an extra layer of resilience and protection. As we store our backusps into an air-gapped environment, this meets the requirements for Cyber Insurance compliance.
  • Open Source Technology: Unlime many of our competitors who rely on off-the-shelf solutions with licensing costs, our platform is build on Open-Source technology. This gives us the flexibility to scale services and deliver them at a very competitive price point. This in turn helps us pass on the benefits and the efficiency to our customers. We also provide some of our enhancements back to the open-source community to say thanks.


LevelUP Your Cloud Journey Today
What is private cloud?

LevelUP Private Cloud

With LevelUP Solutions Private Cloud we seamlessly replicate your entire server workload including Applications, Files, Backups and anything else into our secure datacenters located throughout Australia.

Shifting your server's into the LevelUP Private Cloud will provide unmatched performance and robust data security.

The benefits to your business by shifting your server workloads to LevelUP Private Cloud are:

  • Reduced Downtime We ensure high availability of services.
  • Unmatched Performance Unlike public clouds, we dont over provision services
  • Value Only pay for what you use and require.
  • Flexibility You can easily split your applications between Private and Public cloud instances quickly and easily
  • Simplified Billing You only pay for 3 core resources, CPU, RAM, Storage, unlike Public cloud providers we dont charge data in or out.