Microsoft 365 Protect

Did you know!

Microsoft 365 is the most attacked business service in the world

Most companies use Microsoft 365 cloud services to benefit from the improved availability, features and convenience. The popularity and accessibility has also made Microsoft 365 one of the most targeted environments by threat actors. Attackers employ a variety of techniques to guess or steal user credentials.

Compromised Microsoft 365 accounts are the most common security incident we assist clients with. In many cases, the initial indications come after the damage has already been done and post-mortem investigations usually find early signs of an account compromise, that went unnoticed

  • Constant Target for Credential Phishing: Phishing is where attackers will fake a login page to look like the real login page, even passing your credentials through. Essentially tricking you to steal your credentials.
  • Malware: Malware is where the attacker can send you an email with either and attachment or a link to a website that can infect your System, it can also steal your browser cookies giving access without requiring credentials and even in some cases bypass multifactor.


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What can LevelUP Solutions do to help?

This is where Microsoft 365 Protect can assist!

Microsoft 365 Protect is LevelUP's monthly service that can help you by providing monitoring, proactive triage and notifications of suspicious activity. We integrate our logging and analysis platform with your Microsoft 365 tenancy to retrieve and analyse key event logs. We monitor your environment to establish a baseline of normal activity. This helps us identify unusual events and then respond to generated alerts. We research events, correlating activity and data from multiple sources, to assess whether an event is suspicious or not.

For a simple monthly fee we can perform the following:

  • Monitor your Microsoft 365 Logs
  • Alert on Unusual Activity based on Normal Company Activity Baseline
  • Initial Triage and investigation of suspicious events
  • Notifications of detection that require further investigations or remedial action

Microsoft 365 Protect with LevelUP

Prompt Detection

Speed is of the essence when it comes to detecting and responding to security incidents. Our systems will analyse normal user usage over a period of time, and then from that baseline formulate a fuzzy logic to detect attacks.


We are proficient in cloud security, having our own private cloud services, so you can be rest assured that our team once alerted to unsual activity will be able to promptly analyze the information and respond.

Peace of Mind

Our service is designed to provide comprehensive endpoint protection that detects and responds to both known and unknown threats in real time. With our team of experts managing and monitoring your Microsoft 365 services, you can focus on running your business without worrying about cybersecurity threats.

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