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Microsoft 365 Backups Stored In Australia

Microsoft provides a wide array of powerful services within Microsoft 365, but a comprehensive backup of your Microsoft 365 data is NOT one of them.

Get total access, control and protection of your Microsoft 365 data with LevelUP 365 Backup. It is a service we have built allowing us to backup Microsoft 365 data including Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, One Drive and Teams.

Taking a copy of your data out of the public cloud onto our private cloud gives your data better security, increased flexibility both with storage volume and retention and can be backed-up offline to tape (Air-gapped) protecting it from online attacks. All backed up data is stored exclusively in Australia with LevelUP Solutions own purpose built S3 service.

Most are not aware their data within a 365 environment is not being backed up.

LevelUP Solutions provides data retention for your Microsoft 365 suite of products, so you don’t ever have to worry about accidental deletion.  With Exchange and Sharepoint unless other solutions have been purchased once data has been deleted or a user deactivated within 365 their data will go into the default retention period before being permanently deleted. Currently, default retention for deleted Exchange Online data is 14 days which can be configured to a maximum of 30 days.  Sharepoint online has a non-configurable time of 93 days.

  • Fast Backup, Data Restore & Retrieval
    LevelUP’s backup services for Microsoft 365 are market leaders in backup encryption and data recovery flexibility. Keep compliant with advanced backup search capabilities using eDiscovery. 
  • Secure, Local Cloud
    Secure your Microsoft 365 data in Australia with our guarantee for performance, security and accountability.
  • Simple Monthly Billing
    Per user, per month billing for your organisation.


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Why Backing Up Microsoft 365 is important

Accidental deletion

If you delete a user, it is replicated across the network, including their OneDrive and mailbox. Native recycle bins and version histories included in Microsoft 365 can only protect you from data loss in a limited way, which can turn a simple recovery from a proper backup into a big problem after Microsoft 365 has deleted the data forever, or if the retention period has passed.

Retention policy gaps and confusion

Retention policies can be difficult to manage. Microsoft 365 has limited backup and retention policies and it is not intended to be an all-encompassing backup solution. ‘Point-in-time’ restoration of mailbox items, is not in scope with Microsoft. In the case of a catastrophic issue, our backup solution can provide the ability to roll back to a previous point-in-time prior to this issue. With an Microsoft 365 backup solution, there are no retention policy gaps or restore inflexibility. Short-term backups or long-term archives, granular or point-in-time restores, everything is at your fingertips making data recovery fast, easy and reliable.

Internal security threats

Businesses face a hidden security risk: their own employees. These threats can be intentional, like stealing data, or unintentional, like clicking on phishing emails. Imagine an employee strategically deleting incriminating emails or files — keeping these objects out of the reach of legal, compliance or HR departments.

Secure your Microsoft 365 data in Australia with LevelUP 365 Backup.