Hosted PBX

What is HyperVoice Hosted PBX?

Your Phone System in the Cloud

Get the Best Phone System for Your Business with either VitalPBX or 3CX Hosted on LevelUP's Cloud Services.

When it comes to voice solutions, gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Now you can select a voice solution that suits your business needs, integrates with your current IT technology, and adapts to your business as it changes.

Remove the hassle of expensive, outdated, proprietary-based hardware and licensing fees with the latest in open-standard IP-based phone systems.  Save up to 80% on your phone bill with cheaper installation, usage, maintenance, and calling fees.

As a VitalPBX and a 3CX Partner with extensive experience, we offer efficient, pain-free installations.

With a team of dedicated voice engineers, we provide unmatched support.

HyperVoice Hosted PBX is a reliable, managed VoIP solution that is both robust and cost-effective.

  • 3CX, VitalPBX
  • High Performance
  • Reliable
  • Backed Up Nightly
  • Secure


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